Inner Motivation Part 1

Could you imagine the pain a fourteen year old may feel when she learns that she is pregnant? Though biologically, her body is ready for such an event, socially, psychologically, educationally and financially, she is not ready. The problem? She brought fruit out of season. David the Psalmist was a philosopher. He saw how we could alter our life by what we spend time thinking about. Our thoughts could make us rob ourselves of the very future we will like to have. At the same time, our thoughts can make us recover from what we are to what we want to become. How is this so? What we think; we become. ‘… in his law doeth he meditate day and night. He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water … and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper Psalms 1: 2-3 KJV’.

David gave us a solution that could we could describe as seed sense. A seed does not become a tree in an instant but it slowly, steadily gets there. In ‘The Faith Factor The Art and Science of Faith’, we examine how the seed develops by internal harmonization with its destiny. What is that? The seed does not compare itself with other seeds and have any superiority or inferiority complex. It does not take advice from other seeds around it. It does not look at how much work it has to do to become a tree. It does not worry about why it was not a mango seed instead of an orange seed. The seed accepts that it has an unstoppable destiny and listens internally as to how that destiny will come about. The seed has internal synthesis of purpose.

We develop differently. We accept who we are by what others say about us or the experiences we have. We compare ourselves with others and sometimes imitate them. We make choices that go with what the crowd’s doing. Place an orange seed among a thousand corn seeds and the orange seed will keep in harmony with its purpose and destiny to be an orange tree. It accepts the freedom to be itself – an orange seed. It uses its resources to become the fulfillment of its destiny – an orange tree. On the other hand, for many of us, socialization – what others say about us becomes the primary source of our internal synthesis. This contradicts the ‘blue print’ of what we were meant to be. According to David the philosopher; we have all the ingredients of a tree but we end up as grass. We fall short of our potential and rob ourselves of personal fulfillment.

So what can we learn from the seed?  It connects with an internal destiny primarily and uses it as the platform to mobilize the resources on the outside world secondarily. When we meditate on God’s word, we are positioned by the river; we maximize our potential to become ‘trees’ and whatever we do prospers. We become what we think. You are the product of divine intent and purpose; an original! The process needs bringing your thoughts in alignment with that purpose. To be continued ….

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Medical Records from two realms

The way life is and the way that life can be, hinges on one crucial factor: how well one knows to utilize the Law of Faith.  Our world has many a heart rending story of degenerative diseases.  Imagine a single mother with malignant cancer and 5 months to live.  She has a nine years old and doesn’t have much financial investment to care for the kid after her demise.  Does she want to live? Most certainly!  Doctors give her the best of care. Unfortunately, in her case, medical reports say she has no chance.  These reports are clinically correct based on medical research and technology. She searches for solutions and turns to alternative medicine.  Still the cancer continues to spread.  Eventually, death stares her straight in the face as her grasp on life weakens.  Her hope in this natural world or natural realm provides no remedy.  What if there is another realm where she could access sources and resources outside of her natural world and find healing?  Wouldn’t it be marvelous to see this possibility ‘decimate’ her anguish, gloom and despair?  She would have new life and above all, be there for her dear child.  Would we hesitate to share this option with her if we knew it existed and worked?  Wouldn’t it be great to see tears of grief turn into tears of joy and laughter?


The good news is that there is such a possibility; one that has the potential to revolutionize any life. There is another realm that has a medical record with a completely different prognosis. From this perspective, she is a candidate who can walk away totally whole from her predicament.   It is a supernatural world with solutions to the diseases and heartaches that plague our natural world.  It is important to note that while both prognoses are real, she can choose which one would have preeminence over her destiny. Just as she uses the Law of Faith to receive treatment from the natural world of medicine, she can use the same Law to access a supernatural resolution. Her history needs not be punctuated by untimely death. She could begin a new chapter that develops into volumes documenting how hopelessness could turn into unthinkable possibility.  But how will she know how to use this Law of Faith? First of all she will have to know what this law is, how it works and how she could apply it in her circumstances. This is the concept of ‘Booting her faith from the ground up’ in the book ‘The Faith Factor The Art and Science of Faith’.


Were you ever doing an assignment in class and became distracted by how much progress other students were having? Perhaps, you had the genius idea but did not let it materialize. Often, we are distracted by how well others use faith. The art of using faith as a law is personal. Each user must grasp its mastery from the ground up. It is not how big the problem is but how well we know to use the law that brings us into the sphere where the solution to that problem exists. If the lame could walk and the blind could see, the same law could work for you and me! Just as you or I would be delighted to bring hope to this mom, could we begin to imagine how much it grieves the heart of God when we doubt the verity of His report or deprive ourselves of His precious blood bought provisions? The reality is that many of us do not know how to activate His solutions by the law He created. Can we imagine how many medical files or charts are in heaven’s records where candidates have failed to translate their heavenly solutions to their earthly misery? Let the seed show us how!!!

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In God’s world, ‘impossible’ does not exist!

If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes Mark 9:23 NKJV’.

If you have faith … nothing will be impossible for you Matthew 17:20 NKJV’.

If we can believe, all things are possible. Why is this so? When we do not believe, we do not entertain the idea of a solution. We do nothing so no solution materializes as a result of our actions or participation. When we believe there is a solution, we look away from the problem and begin to envision a solution. Eventually, we arrive at a solution or leave steps to that solution which someone after us could continue towards the solution. Notice that belief deals with ‘things’. If we believe, ‘all things’ are possible. We use the Law of Faith to move from problem to resolution. However, the Law of Faith also has greater parameters than belief. While belief deals with ‘things’ – that which is created or existent, the law of faith is able to reach into a dimension of zero existence. This law enables the user to go into the realm where nothing exists. It moves a resolution from a dimension that is non existent: ‘nothing’. It moves a resolution that is in the dimension of the ‘impossible’. Nothing shall be impossible for you!

In our natural world, we have glimpses of the potential of the Law of Faith to make the impossible become possible. In these cases, the resources to make the seemingly impossible happen are resources that we do not know exist.  When we discover and harness these resources, the seemingly impossible happens. Case in point; who would conceive that we could have sound and images like we have on the television or mobile devices? But it happened and when we understand how, we appreciate the mystery. Who could have believed that you could communicate with someone on the other side of the globe as though that person is across the table speaking with you? This is the Law of Faith moving researchers’ thoughts to materialization. It is the impossible happening using natural means which are unknown at the time of speculation. But as mind-boggling as these technological achievements are, they are products of the Law of Faith within the boundaries of the natural much the same as a seed becomes a tree. What we are seeing in the Law of Faith is that this law has the potential to reach not only into the dimension of the natural resources but its properties are  able to span beyond the boundaries of the natural. The law of faith that makes a seed into a plant has information that makes the supernatural relatively ‘natural’. Miracles are normal then! Your problem has a solution which can be accessed from the unnatural ‘with God, nothing shall be impossible’!

If a problem does not have a resolution then faith is not a law.

If faith is a law then every problem has a resolution.

Jesus pegged the impossible to this law ‘nothing shall be impossible’.

Jesus was either insane or knew about a law that we do not understand. If he is correct, then there is a universal law that crosses boundaries and spheres of the natural. It defies science as we know it. It has the ability to overwrite the natural. Your impossible situation is matched with a solution even if it comes from the realm of the supernatural. According to ‘The Faith Factor The Art and Science of Faith’ ‘To every problem, God has programmed a solution. Let the seed show you how’.


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