Inner Motivation Part 1

15 Jul

Could you imagine the pain a fourteen year old may feel when she learns that she is pregnant? Though biologically, her body is ready for such an event, socially, psychologically, educationally and financially, she is not ready. The problem? She brought fruit out of season. David the Psalmist was a philosopher. He saw how we could alter our life by what we spend time thinking about. Our thoughts could make us rob ourselves of the very future we will like to have. At the same time, our thoughts can make us recover from what we are to what we want to become. How is this so? What we think; we become. ‘… in his law doeth he meditate day and night. He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water … and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper Psalms 1: 2-3 KJV’.

David gave us a solution that could we could describe as seed sense. A seed does not become a tree in an instant but it slowly, steadily gets there. In ‘The Faith Factor The Art and Science of Faith’, we examine how the seed develops by internal harmonization with its destiny. What is that? The seed does not compare itself with other seeds and have any superiority or inferiority complex. It does not take advice from other seeds around it. It does not look at how much work it has to do to become a tree. It does not worry about why it was not a mango seed instead of an orange seed. The seed accepts that it has an unstoppable destiny and listens internally as to how that destiny will come about. The seed has internal synthesis of purpose.

We develop differently. We accept who we are by what others say about us or the experiences we have. We compare ourselves with others and sometimes imitate them. We make choices that go with what the crowd’s doing. Place an orange seed among a thousand corn seeds and the orange seed will keep in harmony with its purpose and destiny to be an orange tree. It accepts the freedom to be itself – an orange seed. It uses its resources to become the fulfillment of its destiny – an orange tree. On the other hand, for many of us, socialization – what others say about us becomes the primary source of our internal synthesis. This contradicts the ‘blue print’ of what we were meant to be. According to David the philosopher; we have all the ingredients of a tree but we end up as grass. We fall short of our potential and rob ourselves of personal fulfillment.

So what can we learn from the seed?  It connects with an internal destiny primarily and uses it as the platform to mobilize the resources on the outside world secondarily. When we meditate on God’s word, we are positioned by the river; we maximize our potential to become ‘trees’ and whatever we do prospers. We become what we think. You are the product of divine intent and purpose; an original! The process needs bringing your thoughts in alignment with that purpose. To be continued ….

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One response to “Inner Motivation Part 1

  1. Jean Rajkumar

    July 27, 2012 at 4:02 am

    It is so amazing that everything God has created is built with such intent and purpose. God I desire the brilliance of a seed! Thank you Lord for your love, thank you for my eternal destiny and that I live it to it’s fullest in and through you. Amen!


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